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Thursday, 13 October 2016

Peter Pan of Toronto

Peter Pan of Toronto, lunch

I went to Peter Pan with a friend, who knew of this restaurant for a long time.
As I am interested in Everyday Art, so a restaurant is a kind of total art experience.

Whats on the wall, what foods they served, the manners of the waiters, waitresses, seating, everything.

Location:  Dowtown Toronto Queen St area, very lively easy to access place.
Exterior :  Victorian 3 storeys brick house
Interior : some original zinc plate ceiling tiles, v nice touch, the space is very clean and professionally designed.  Booth seating, and small cafe table for 2 settings and a long bar on one side off to the back.

Details : Persian carpets with animals heads totally encased in matching persian carpet pattern.  There were a few of them, very nice series of decorative art work.

Food:  I had fish and chips, the batter was v thick and oily - chips are ok, serving style is ok.  crushed peas in a tiny little 1 inch diameter butterdish, same size tartar sauce plate.  The waitress brought 2 little dish of homemade ketchup, which was v nice. 
But, I wouldnt say the food was anywhere near memorable.  

Overall I like the space, I would not go back anytime soon because the food was a standard fare of fish and chips and the outcome was really not so good, so I could imagine the rest of the dishes.

The waiter and waitress were both very friendly and charming.  
There were very nice coasters with a b+w frying pan on one side and some comic strip on the otherside.  
Overall speaking, the place wins on design, decoration and space.  Food is not so good.  
Fish and Chips was 16$cdn

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