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Tuesday, 3 November 2015

"李米的猜想" : the equation of love and death ***half 2009, prc, Zhou Xun:: film review

"李米的猜想" ***half 2009
周迅 邓超 张涵予 王宝强 主演电影

About the impossible non-issue of young Chinese people.
The deliquent, not-gd-at-school bunch have little issue.
Even then, some people are kind hearted, inspite of being cheated, tricked, they are still kind at heart and will continue to be polite and kind.
Hooligans, immoral slackers will always be slackers.
Police, peasants as mules for drugs
Poets who commit suicide from over dose delirious - the "hippy" type with new fancy Nike runners.
Zhou Xun the star looks almost like a porcelain doll, why did she choose to be taxi driver as a profession.  Little bit puzzling.
But overall, it is the hopeless poetics of modern day China.
A tableau of little folks lives, those with moral and those without.
Linking all these are love stories, how people go mad because of love, and love as the one and only driving, directing force in the almost meaningless lives.  Lives without engagment in anything in society.  There is only personal love.  And when that is gone, or puzzling, that is the thing that makes people tick, and kill and betray, and heart broken.

Windy, grey smoky urban centers.  The film takes place in a taxi, in a police office, in an apartment, on the road.

The dusty modern day wilderness of physical dislocation and emotional dislocation.

The taxi driver's persistent love and refusal to acknowledge a break, because she has been receiving all these love letters.
The dealer boy friend is not really a heartless thug, he has been shooting spying on her secretly and making video clips of her day to day lives.  And his current girl friend knows it.
Current girl friend is also not heartless, but she knew from that start the dealers born this way, slacker untrustworthy not due to hard core badness - but due to lack of conviction, firmness in character.  The dealer is not like the taxi driver, she persists in face of repeated hopeless failure.  He, on the other hand, just cannot carry anything out to the end properly.

So he films himself to tell her, if she becomes bored, and if its any good at all, maybe she could look at these footage, but they probably and is v likely cannot go back.

The girl friend finds it frightening as the dealer seem to have no heart, she leaves him and leaves her savings in a safty deposit box for her because as least this money is clean she said.

Dealer ends up w nobody.  He probably knows also that the taxi driver is too good for him and he doesnt want to drag her into the mud.

Taxi driver gives a monologue telling how she met him, that he was a childhood highschool friend, became lovers.  She loves / loved him.

The peasant thug, the young one wants to find his girlfriend and it will be hard, because girls as he describes -  they are so common, how could anyone find anyone in the sea of mass anonymity?

There is a scene where Zhou Xun mimicks these sweet girls.  Zhou Xun is good!

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