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Wednesday, 11 November 2015

carbon fiber saxophone neck; trumpet the 2014 Solid Conference: Richard Isaacs's Keynote talk, "Musical Counterpoint in Wood, Bone, Metal and Carbon Fiber".
violinist interview tests
louder, volume,

Schubert String Quintet Streichquintett C-Dur - II. Adagio, Carbon Fiber Instruments

Martin Lewis on his Carbon Fiber String Instruments

carbon fiber saxophone neck
carbon fiber trumpet

Yes! The next part of my project was recording the same exercises on each bell, and utilizing a Fast Fourier Transform program called "Overtone Analyzer" to measure the differences in the tone.  In short, What I found was that, the higher the frequencies and the higher the sound pressure intensity, the greater the difference in tone.   The carbon fiber bell was the most fascinating in the the way it responded to being pushed to its upper limits. It yielded a very "bright/cutting" tone with great ease. The copper bell was much easier to keep a centered pitch at its upper limits, due to the physics involved when the air column interacts with the bell material. The other two fell between those.   Yes, the difference in tone/timbre is quite distinguishable by ear, though as mentioned, it gets easier to differentiate  between the bells as you play higher and louder.   Thanks for your interest, If you are further interested in seeing some of the results of my tests or the graphs etc. just let me know!

Legendary trumpet player Jon Barnes introduced his one-of-a-kind carbon fiber trumpet
Published on 27 Jun 2013

Legendary trumpet player Jon Barnes introduced his one-of-a-kind carbon fiber Swiss made horn. He is featured on the new US Postal stamp honoring #Miles Davis. #kubaKa and legendary #BuddyPrinceton (#JacksonBrown, #SteveMillerBand music) and others in Beverly Hills at the 6th Annual Urban Music Executives Toast at the House of Entertainment, Beverly Hills, CA last night. For photo highlights visit

deCarbo trombone, trumpet

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