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Monday, 20 July 2015

contd : carbon build pg 14

Technically, there's about 65% fiber and 35% resin, so Carbonator would also be appropriate if it didn't make it sound like Soda making machine.  Or a murderous android from the future.

So far it weighs 1450g or 3.2 pounds without any hardware. There's probably a pound of hardware to go on, and then I'll balance it with around 1/2 a pound ending up just shy of 5 pounds balanced. Weight is added by the rear strap button until when hanging from the front strap button, it's on the same angle as a guitar that's nicely balanced hangs. If that makes sense. That weight is then fixed inside the body. Balance is an individual thing, so I make it the same as my most comfortable guitar. 

Speaking of resin - here's the gelcoat of epoxy with blue pigment (clear molds are difficult to work with because it's hard to see the surface). When that's nearly cured it gets a gazillion layers of 7.5oz glass. When that's cured we can make a cone! So much work for one little part... 

The bridge base will be taken off the mold plug so that the bridge and the cone surface are identically shaped and fit snugly.

The cone mold is finished. 

I'll give it a day or two to cure and pop it off the mold plug.

Many pics inbetween, great article w details.
Thanks to the writer and maker Nic.

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