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Thursday, 11 December 2014

Under the skin ***, Magic in the Moonlight ***

Under the skin ***, with Scarlett Johannson

A stylish "robot/alien" person who zips into a skin, organised by someone in a motocycle attire with a hump on the back (this device is so that we the audience could distinquish him from other motocyclists at a distance, for example on the chase scenes along the road?)  There is very little conversation.  Only conversation is from the robot - Scarlett Johannson, she accosts strangers, and only attach herself to strangers - leads them to some abandonned house like space, she undresses, up to her underwear - and the lured ones are all undressed naked, as they step in they sink in some liquid metal type of watery body and drowns.  She dresses herself and leaves.

At a very last encounter, she met a v nice man, who treated her kindly, took care of her, like a real person.  So they made love, she seemed to not have noticed she has a sex part on her.  Doesnt have any ordinary life.  She goes to a restaurant and tastes a piece of chocolate cake, and chokes on a small bite of that.

The movie is sci-fi ressembling something like philosophical or simply Comic Book super hero type of ambiance.

Visually interesting, but no intention to show any depth - not that I could see.  Glossy eye candy.  Johannson nude.

Magic in the Moonlight  *** by Woody Allen 2014
Retro, vintage style.
Watching the scenes in the fancy genteel house of the super old money people - makes you want to have a cup of milk tea and nice cakes.
The conversation dialogue is witty, quick, typical.
The actrice has huge eyes.  
Colin Firth plays a dry, cardboard figure of a magician - who was brought up in a cushy family - even by her aunt but still a cushy background

The film displays like a fairy tale book.  Each scene cuts to the quick, the next and then the next.
Romantic, comedy.
Eye candy again, in soft pastel

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