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Thursday, 4 December 2014

Alyah ***; The Myth of the American Sleepover ***

Alyah ***

A young drug dealer from Paris, wanting to go to Israel to start a new life.
His brother keeps on coming to ask him for money.  He met a new pretty girl, but they are not going to be together in Israel.
The way the characters talk are no frill, the women are very direct, no soft sweet talk - very matter of fact.  No one is playing any romantic games in the love story.
We see the young drug dealer trapped in a no way out life pattern.
The film is very sensitive.  
As I watch it, I feel that is the real life of lower income people - who are intelligent and also has a brother hood type of fidelity towards each other.  But all the everyday things without spiritual objectives makes their day to day living very hard and meaningless.  So they want a fresh start in Israel.

Its modern life, modern diaspora Jewish immigrating to Israel.  

The Myth of the American Sleepover ***

Reality show of young teenagers, several love stories, or beginnings of love stories are told through a weekend.
We are shown how courtship begins in these cool, sweet, talented, shy, moderate, jealous, awkard, willing to taste love, blonde beautys - each one in their moments of life; attractions between boy/girl.
I think, oh, thats how highschool kids are!

Very careful in details, There is a truthfulness, or un-formula type of movie making here.
It is almost like a documentary.

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