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Thursday, 25 September 2014

Chaumont sur Loire Festival des Jardins 2014 : Digital Algorithmic - "Fractal flowers" by Miguel Chevalier

Chaumont-sur-Loire, Garden Festival 2014

Every year I go to Chaumont-s-Loire, to see the Loire valley river, see the little villages along the way from Paris - you drive 3 hrs, and then, slowly you enter the Loire valley region, and its beautiful.  All along the way, the tiniest villages, everything is so clean, not many pedestrians anywhere.  Sunny.

This time, I noticed there were 3d printings models of digital flowers, these growth of flowers using algroithm.  As the visitor pass infront of the display, the digital flowers falls to one side, then another side.  Not much new here, but very nice looking flowers.  On smaller screens, see see automatic growth of flowers, they grow, become vibrant, beautiful colors and shapes, geometric forms, expands into massives lines, then fades out, another grows from the bottom of the screen.  Always beautiful shapes and forms.  Artist: Miguel Chevalier

The other installations are voices, memories, garden shapes and forms.  Interior dialogue type of work.

Coming up to the special installation gardens, the theme is "sins"... almost all of the installations has to do with the 7 deadly sins.  Very christian themes.  The gardens are more or less different types of plants, hard, soft, dark, light, red, sitting, looking, reflecting, water pools.  Papyrus of different varieties.  Red flowers.

Then, we go down to the valley of the mist - a watering pipe system with many tiny sprouts that produces mists.  Very misty walk, v nice.

The entire garden festival is very festive and green.

I almost always want to know immediately which plants are what, and if we could grow some of these ourselves.  But by the way I reach the exit to the seed shop, I have already forgotten which plants were which.

The whole visit lasted 2.5hr approximately.

Sometimes I think, if the gardens are allowed to reach maturity year after year, would you have a more timeless type of work?  Instead of like a temporary display, that is soon to be forgotten?
Maybe it take much more planning then and would be another structure altogether and wouldnt be a yearly event.

But I know I will want to come again next year!
I will want to see what will be the next theme?
So many interesting plant lives.  Great idea.

Pictures coming...

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