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Tuesday, 23 September 2014

becoming a novelist; "Back to Blood" by Tom Wolfe; "Bienvenue" by Marguerite Abouet.

She said yesterday on fb that her dream is to be novelist!  I was little bit surprised and I think, thats not such an unreachable dream, anybody could be novelist, as everyone has some stories to tell.  However, if you want to become timeless, famous, and valuable etc etc recognised by everyone who comes after you - then you need to spill some blood sweat and tears and maybe inflicting pain on yourself.  As for just becoming novelist, its one of the least expensive overhead incurring profession you could be in - just a pack of pencil and paper will be fine to begin with!  $2 at dollar store, one for pencil and one for paper, at maximum.

Haha, but i have an intuition that her novels - if she ever writes one/or have written one already in a secret drawer maybe - will not be v interesting to read - someone elses stories might be fine to re-tell, cinematically or verbally, but creating literary memorable stories and art of the text is not really for someone who is always politically correct - these poeple are sealed in their own correctness, never any word out of their guts.   Nothing stops anyone to becoming a fiction writer, you just have to go to any secondhand book stores , see for yourself, there are tons of books unread.  :)

Anyway, i read the comic books E bought yesterday, well told.  Fine comic graphic novels.  I really get a sense of local Parisians from all walks, age of life - and probably not limited to Parisians, they are probably also at any urbanised Western developed country.  Everyone has their own pt of view.  Title: "Bienvenue" by Marguerite Abouet, publ 2012, Gallimard, France.

The book, "Back to Blood" by Tom Wolfe is a quick paced, information ladden, well written, cynical story of many juicy details.  However, its once again,Tom Wolfe reporting under the cloak of fiction.   He has no sympathy for anyone, except, that Yale educated reporter who seemed to be a comic book sketch of a slim elegant young man who never gets the sharp tongue from the author.  A book you cant put down, but once you put it down.  No need to go back.  hahahahh

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