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Friday, 18 October 2013

xyz Qin 1 :: testing tuning and re-tuning; xyz Qin 2 :: bong bong boom boom

Master Guqin Maker, Shan ZheYuan, teacher at Tainan University of the Arts, Tainan, Taiwan, showing how to tune and adjust the strings. 

The xyzQin#1 in  杉木  ShanMu, was made under the instruction of Master Shan ZhiYuan. 

Step by step.  
I just follow instructions and what a wonderful experience.
I am v happy looking at it each day sitting against a wall next to my bed, amazing.

Truly a gift from the ancients - thats why we need to go to school.  
We learn expertise from the past.  Many years of accumulation of knowledge.   
When something is beautiful, it exists for itself and for others.
Knowledge passed on is a beautiful thing.  I appreciate the process and the outcome.
There are still many steps - next to the inlaid specialist at the lacquer studio - with jewellery inlaid expert from the Metal Smithing department. 

Finally, here we are, almost finished! 
I have to design the tattoo for the inlaid in gold - which will take as much time as necessary.

Meanwhile, xyzQin#2 in Wutong, is now officially started.  
I have made a workbook to record the progress. 

 xyz Qin #2 ::  桐木古琴 :: Paulownia wood (Tong Mu)

The wood has been scooped out with wood carvers tools.

The blade used are curved, and flat.  Curved for going around corners and general smoothness.  Flat is for cutting off clean edges, and general small edge works.
Keep blades very sharp for clean cuts.  (Needs sharpening every now and then)

The depth of the wood shape will vary according to the string and the condition of the wood, the shape of the qin.  Testing of the sound is first made to determine the thickness of the shell.

The qin shell is held with 2 fingers, "clipping" the board at 1/4 of length of the board
and holding a fist, you bang on the position half way to hear the quality of the wood.

So, depending on the differnt attributes of each board, you might hear "bong bong" - a bright sound or 'boom boom" a richer lower sound.
A lower "boom boom" sound is better than a bright "bong bong" sound.   

Gadget tools for tightening strings.  Tuning pegs.
Due to the loosening of the silkstrings, I wonder what gadgets there might be for tightening without having to re-string?

Here are some answers from FaceBook Guqin experts.
1// Geng Wang:: buy Xusin silk strings, and you wont need to re-string
 Suxin Silk Strings/素心丝絃

  古琴上弦器 红檀木 (配板手非红檀手柄) 古琴配件

My idea:

2// I thought of an idea, how about just a movable "arch" then you customise it onto the curve of the qin itself, and slide it to adjust the sounds - so this second arch will be more or less parallel to the first fixed arch. But the second arch will be slightly at an angle depending on which string needs tightening. ? It should stay put with friction. 


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