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Thursday, 17 October 2013

Kooky - kuky se vrací ***half,

kuky se vrací 2010 ***half 


Czech film. Very rich multilayered animation using stop motion, hand made puppets, live animals and nature scenes with flies and real people. The story is very human and imaginative. Acting of the child character is very good, subtle. Unlike the exasperated exaggeration of Disney films. Its wonderful, I love every puppet - using trash, recycle plastic bottles to play recycle plastic vilains. The Kooky bear is a cuddling toy. He is looked down upon by real life animals - the toy's job to accompany his owner to sleep is an unmentionable job - but for the boy he is so important. Love objects are important but for the fight for your life world outside - this is so sissy. In the film, it mentions about insects having sex and all the reality of living, and life, and death and deterioration. Its a growing up story. The young boy doesnt need Koody as much as the homeless man who had an accident. He gave Kooky to him - because he surely feels that the homeless man needs Kooky more than him now. A growing up story, a love story and survival in the jungle story. Charming puppets.

Directed by Jan Svěrák
Produced by
Written by Jan Svěrák
Music by Michal Novinski
Editing by Alois Fišárek
Release date(s)
  • May 20, 2010
Running time 96 minutes
Country Czech Republic
Language Czech
Budget 40 million CZK
Box office 30 million CZK[1]

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