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Monday, 25 March 2013

The adventures of Swannjie: Taiwan rl+sl

"The adventures of Swannjie :  Taiwan rl+slunder 5mn

Synopsis of "The adventures of Swannjie : Taiwan rl+sl" showreel clips

The Swannjie character will be a small tiny mime artist moving along the edge of the frame, leaving a lot of room for the main focus :  the live footage

The Swannjie role is to accompany viewers, giving her responses to what is shown - and shared in viewing - in the real life footage.  Her role is not a narrator, but more spectator accompanying the viewer.  She also asks silly questions sometimes, and gets an answer from "a voice".  The "voice", doesnt always know the answer, but from the way the answer is given, we know "the voice" is trying to make Swannjie enjoy her trip and not worry about unknowns.  

After around 5mn of intensive visiting, Swannjie will be plucked out of the scene and put back into her Flys Eye Dome.  She says, goodbye to the viewers.

Components of a showreel : 
testing layers of clips and simple editing software

Mock up... real life footage in background w sl footage in foreground


Digital Guqin Museum Garden+Swannjie ap1
Film title too faint in red, using this delicate font best to be in yellow, or white
testing of: transitions effects, text box, fonts, tv in sl environment (how to get rid of the multiple other peoples clips unrelated to the focus?), 3d mouse versus 2d mouse, Eyebeam sim development, Digital Guqin Museum Garden,
Test clip :: small mime Swannjie from the Virtual World does kungfu moves in the front, and large live action from the real world on screen at the back.
Kungfu Swannjie practicing infront of her HuaKui Mobile Music wall.  Chroma backgrd
Lots of room will be left for the live footage.  Depending on the footage we get from the real location, the foreground would be re-shot to achieve the right composition. Swannjie practices on her little sky platform.  HuaHui (HuaKui) cube wall.  Uchui chair, HuaKui Dome home.  The cubes each has a QR code tag, its an interactive wall for amusement surfing and serious reading and research too.
The chroma layer will be filled by live footage from her visits.
Scene1// Test3, with round translucent carpet 
chroma green part will be filled with real life footage of Taiwan


Swimming inside the shop: Katati shop at NeoKowloon sim

Stealth 2 testing, Swannjie tip toeing around...Inside Katati shop at NeoKowloon sim

          Hitchcock, Psycho in sl screen/audio capture + subtitle/text overlaid; 
screen captured at a LEA art installation which has been taken down. There will be a new filming studio sponsored by Linden Lab will be permanently installed at LEA20 in a few weeks time.        


Storybook of Swannjie in Secondlife+Real Life while building a Digital Guqin Museum

(Mini graphic novel.)


HuaHui Mobile Music under a tree


More about being a fairy...
Never thought I would enjoy being a fairy, but, and yet, here we are, and I am looking pretty w my newbie green wings too! :)

Mobile Music at ShangriLa, Fairy installation for fashion show of Wisteria Loon by Shenlei Flasheart

A beautiful book by Shenlei for Misteria Loon, great book, glossy pages.  A book of fashion, from sl to rl.  Nice coffee table book and for good memories!


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