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Saturday, 2 March 2013

Amanda Palmer : The Art of Asking

This is one of the most moving talks for me.
I totally understand everything she has talked about.
Couchsurfing, people telling you "go get a real job", crowdfunding, and people condescendingly offering you a chance to give lessons to their kid!  So that they feel that you "have something to do".

Standing on a box to become a statute - "The six foot bride", she did more than standing on a box - I often see "statutes" but most of them just stood on the box, and winked at passerbys.  There is not the intensive eye contact intention at all, because they did it as a statute to be appreciated.  No exchange of a little flower, no eye contact to the person.  This makes the "statue" work meaningless without the interchange.  Amanda said she makes around 60 to 90us per night, pretty predictable.  

To me, that is a sign of the societies acceptance of street artist.  If you did this in Hong Kong, or Taipei, or Paris, how much could you make?  If you did it for a week.  Then take samples of norms.  Could this indicate the general citizens "cultural" appreiciation of that particular population?

In fact, this could be a very good job for beginners in acting.

Could you make yourself into a statute and offer flowers and intensive eye contact for a day?
Its is not just being a statute but the eye contact that is important.

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