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Sunday, 23 December 2012

Experimental Short Film Studio; Totoy, Zef; rain problem solution; Time Lapse star fish turning over; DIY 1: customize your own usb key

Zef, Totoy

The Modern Dance from Rogier Wieland on Vimeo.

Stop motion animation, time lapse photography

Time Lapse Star Fish turning over

Rain problem solution

Experimental Short Film Studio 2013 Spring
teacher: Shuen-git Natasha Chow

John Cleese on Creativity, atheist

DIY 1 : customise usb key casing

approx, 2hrs (includes figuring out how you want to adapt/fit different components, 
what materials you have on hand.  Not allowed to run out and buy different silicon gadgets, must use whats on hand.  Taking pictures and putting it on a blog)

Found these cute little silicon camera casings for usb keys, and bought one.  Got home.
I googled how to put new casing on a usb key - and found the above, "evilmadscientist" how to -

then I took out the new Nikon silicon casing - the lens is too short!

 So for now, I deviced a temporary transparent see through long zoom lens. :)
 For more customized how-to of your very own usb keys... see below

Have fun!

DIY 2:  customize clothing

one day or 6 hrs - 2 mornings (includes receiving the clothing, figure out a new design, remake, sewing, completion, wearing it, model and take photos.  Take pictures add short text and put it on a blog)

related useful tools:

微型縫紉機  mini sewing machine

DIY 3:  customize furniture for a film set

2 days (includes design of the set, make a small model 1:100 of how the pieces fit onto the set; use material you find around you, if necessary buy something from a shop, thrift shop; 10nt shops; Take pictures add short text and put it on a blog)

DIY 4: create some characters for a short play

3 days (each person decides who he wants to be, wear the clothes you made yourself - make more accessories if needed.  Improvise with the person you choose by luck draw - make a scene with "encounter" - what happens when you meet such a person?)
Write down the dialogue, re-write, re-play, film the scene with a video cam, put it on the blog)

DIY 5:  music instruments - improvisation with sound

3 days - use various utensils, vegetables, found sounds, all mixed into a continuous clip as a sound track for your video film.  5mn no more no less.

related tools:
vegetable instruments

DIY 6:  story - use everything you have done up to now and write a story

3 days - remember all the things you have done together, write a shooting script,
use scene, story board, whatever helps you to do in-camera editing.
upload onto blog

DIY 7:  scout for locations on campus.  Must use campus as location!

3 days - each scene, set all mapped out on story board
put story onto the settings

DIY 8 : shooting

3 days
review all the footage at the end of the day

DIY 9 : editing

3 days to one week
If missing footage, try to complete.
If missing visuals, try to improvise - collage, animation, puppeteering, computer animation, whatever it takes - and find a way to make your story telling fluid.  

DIY 10:  visuals, fonts, credits

3 days
Give the overall film a visual graphic tone and style.  This means, title, credits, any embedded texts, effects.

DIY 11:  Party

3 days to one week - culminating into one evening spectacle.
Prepare a live event, featuring the things in your film.  
Create poster, invitation cards (small size)
Video film the party to add to the  
"making of" of your short film.

Celebrate your film w food and drinks!

Good bye!

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