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Monday, 31 December 2012

三生三世 聶華苓 green tea, DIY New Year Card

三生三世 聶華苓
Director: Angie Chen 2012

The precious part about 聶華苓 is her generosity to the others and the creation of a protected haven for politically, and otherwise, blocked-voiced people. 

There was a scene in which two writers argue over Philip Glass's musical achievement, one thinks he has sold out and is a "prostitute", the other thinks its selling your work and supports Glass.  So they use v rough languages towards each other - a little like in highschool - usually when you are at somebody's house, you cannot create such a scene because the host will think you just messed her party up! 

But at 聶華苓 party (literary party) alls allowed.  This is becasue, I think, she has had a personal story having experienced "white terrorism" in Taiwan - where people are not allowed to speak their mind.  Due to this intenable past resulting in hardship and suffering, she with her husband Engle created a place where everybody is allowed to speak.  What a wonderful space! 

I especially like to see the various writers coming from everywhere in the film.  Sontag, MoYan, Xu BingYen, many many very beautiful people.  And a small clip of Angie Chen in a dress w a guitar!  These are precious memories and moments.  The film was shot from a personal friendship angle, but the personal details are a little lacking - making this film seem like a glimpse through a curtain, and the big sweaty, juicy, hurtful, fragrant, torturing, sad, tearful, internal evaluations and risk taking, tension, fights all these human ups and downs are missing.  Maybe it is in the style of the subject and author - would the subject put barriers to how the director wants to show her story?  We dont know. 

Right now, it is somewhat like a clear cup of green tea, we sip, well protected, looking out of the kitchen window into the backyard - trees, leaves, we are in Iowa, just the right amount of quiet bliss, and life is colorful and good.   

To all readers...a DIY photobooth card - 

Happy New Year 2013!

May all good things come to you from all directions, and much sunshine and happiness and lots of good numbers, food, love... 

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