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Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Ghost in the Shell 1***, Ghost in the Shell Innocence2***

Ghost in the Shell 1***,

Very elegant graphics, story is interesting. The girls who are "plugged" in, with HongKong Kowloon grass root neon signs. Blade Runner style. As usual these animation films are steam punk type with old glamour cars, and cool cops, strange "Big Boss", pretty sexy tough girls. Lots of blood, phoom phoom phoom... merging of the "ghost" with a "body". Very nice.

Ghost in the Shell Innocence2***

Graphics are more and more beautiful than ever, beautiful colors flowing body forms, naked innocent geisha girl like character in pale white tint, ghostly - and shot dead even though she is just a robot... but robots also have soul, etc etc. Most people have implants here and there... hard to say who is not a robot... but the philosophical side of the story is glamourous for the very young. Not interesting for old folks who read too much already. Eye candy. Music is sweet sentimental, sorrowful. Very good.

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