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Saturday, 18 February 2012

The flowers of war **half; All about Eve****

The flowers of war **half
genre: war, romance, sex

Movie by Zhang YiMou, on the Nankin occupation period. Some school girls, prostitutes, and a western (white) man whos profession is undertaker comes to hide in a grand cathedral. Circumstances makes the undertaker into the Father, and the Prostitutes into school girls. They go in the places of the school girls to the camp of the Japanese soldiers to entertain the soldiers. Lots of bombing scenes, running around, dialogue quick and protocolaire, girls singing in the soft house of pleasure tunes as compared to the school girls hymnes. Everything is glamourised, false. Its based on a novel. How was the original novel? In anycase the movie is quick and easy, eye candies, but not too much. Dialogues of the prostitutes are contradictory, sometimes sentimental and other times rough and coarse, there is no development of the characters. We are looking at puppets. Glamourised puppets of pretty women. This movie had a huge budget, but the results are not visible.

All about Eve****
genre: drama, retiring actrice and the road to success

Bette Davis is superb, Marilyn Monroe plays a bit part, but v sweet and humourous part, like an angel. Anne Baxter is the evil Eve. Dialogue v good. Sentiments believable. Depth, and variety. Grand cinema.

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