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Friday, 8 July 2011

La Prima Cosa Bella***

La Prima Cosa Bella***

Italian romantic, family drama

Amateur beach beautiful-mother beauty queen made a husband very jealous, fights, separation, the mother goes on to be extras on film sets, small roles, secretary for a lawyer, and has a baby for the lawyer as his wife cannot have a baby. The two children growing up has complex normal difficulties with romantic relationships, not more not less than any ordinary person. Then the mother falls ill w cancer, and wishes to be married to her long time boy friend; and they are both now old and grey. To the childrens surprise there is a third half brother, so they contacted him who is now a well to do lawyer following the fathers business. They all meet on the sick bed of the mother. Reminicse old times, old boy friends, why so and so was mad and why this and that happened. In the end, every character is human all too human. After the marriage ceremony the mother dies – within the day. The mother character is a cheerful fun loving mom, even in difficult times, she could always find a song to sing – great courageous woman. But the children did not fare so well, they were feeling many complexes. (As children of strong character parents are often like this.) This movie paints many layers of feelings, many sets, many home changes and each time, the mother is shown as a warm loving person. Very rich and heart warming movie. There are humorous bitter sweet scenes, awkard human situations, but everybody accepts life as it comes. Italian movie! Alive and kicking!

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