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Monday, 11 July 2011

Hannah***, The Murderers***

Blond hair genetically modified baby grows up in a forest with "father" and enters back into civilisation. Trained to kick, and chop, kill, shes a little like an innocent and angelic robot. Very milky skin, pretty, like a lost child (which the role of Hannah )she kills without any turmoil. Cate Blachett is v gd, evil, slim, cold,she got her evil end coming.

Many beautiful settings, Marocco, houses, snow scenes. Good camera work.

The Murderers***
Thriller, Korean blood and love, revenge, madness

The film is too long. Because the story is actually quite simple, a mad man picks up women and kills them w water pipe, knife, whatever is handy. Strips them naked, chops them up to 5 members, put into fridge and friend eats "this kind of tasty meat". A cop runs after this mad guy, because his own wife got murdered this way. Lots of bashing, cutting, dagger in heel to rip out tendons, head bashing, hair wet with blood... broken wrists... all danger danger - at the end the bad crazy guy got guillotined in front of his own mom dad and son.

After half way, you know this film is mainly about rape, killing, dismembering women for "no reason".
Too long.

many humourous touches. But not enough to get this into a great movie, its a slick and accomplished work but not "memorable" for me.


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nice picture, did you take it ?
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