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Monday, 6 December 2010

Maria's Aluminum skin gifts 69; Prince of Wales Charities - Qin

Christopher Evans - qin player and sinologist - adopted a cube for the Prince of Wales Charities, why? Because the Prince of Wales is interested in the Guqin! Ha, does he have an avatar? Maybe I should prepare one in his looks just in case he needs one to come to visit?
Maybe the Prince of Wales could come to visit the Digital Guqin Museum, well, I better get the Museum ready for his highness' (avatar) visit!

Maria brought me aluminum skins again, 69! All cut up and ready to be trimmed!
Two big rolls of Austrian beer skins. Very nice design too, light yellow and silver, plus red and silver. And one very special red and beige - communist looking one - now what kind of beer could that be? I must check this out.

Picture coming tomorrow!

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