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Saturday, 4 December 2010

Films viewed last wk 1-3rd Dec

films viewed:

"Osmose", dir Raphael Fejto, **half, simple, charming, authentic, shoe string film
Two young guys, the young guy thing they do, short clips showing intimate silliness, fresh

"Mike Tyson", dvd, three documentaries

"Salt", Angelina Jolie, ***
More action packed spy flick. Action is gd, Angelina Jolie deserves every applause for her own stunts. No surprises in the story, but very entertaining.

"The visitor" ***
drama with depth. Watchable a second time.

"VolaVola" machinima, (must be reviewed a second time to give a correct rating)
I always thought 3mn is the limit to machinima films. Here, its 90mn. The story line is quite standard, but there are moments that are v gd specific to the sl world. Like to see it a second time after the first viewing last year at Geode.

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