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Tuesday, 27 July 2010

Life 2.0 the movie, Real Life motion capture for sl avatar, Anton Bogdanovych (shaqq Korobase SL)

Life 2.0 the movie

Real life motion capture + software to control the avatar in sl.

Anton Bogdanovych
(known as shaqq Korobase in SL), very very interesting.

"At the moment it's just able to control the avatar walking direction," Bogdanovych allows, "but in the future we will enable full control of the avatar with the suit (e.g. every move of every part of the body of the person wearing the suit will be translated onto the avatar.) So one would be able to dance just by dancing in the suit, play sports, build things with hands, etc. You can see it as an advanced Wii console, where there is no hand held device and the entire body is the console."

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