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Saturday, 24 July 2010

2 HuaHui Cubes from Taiwan, Kaoshiung, Prof Lai Hui-Ling

Cubes from Prof.Lai Hui Ling of Taiwan, Kaoshiung, I-Shou University

Inner Package

Outer Package

Very nice green and blue cubes! So happy to receive this package. Triple layer protection!!
Beautiful, arrived after three months at sea and 6 months of selective drinking to arrive at just the intended self expression!! :)

Story of the Taiwan HuaHui Cubes
translation a letter



Since last years Guqin Conference, that day when we went to Sun-Moon Lake, I said I would send you some Aluminum cubes to France for you. I have been thinking about this, but I dont normally drink canned drinks, because I wanted to collect aluminum cans, so I tried to drink some Black Wheat Juice, it took a long time but i finished one dozen cans. As I was going to cut it up and assemble to send to France, a friend said, you send this through thousands of miles to France, shouldnt you send some Taiwanese cans, special cans with local colors? So, I thought of I should send "Taiwan Beer can". Hence, I bought another dozen, but I dont drink alcohol, so I had to go around and ask people to drink this. Most of my friends dont drink alcohol, in a nutshell, I searched for a long time, finally I got the required number of cans to make two cubes. Then, I asked my assistants to assemble so I could send to France. After all this run of things, plus the University has lots of odd and ends to take care of, already one year passed. Finally, a few days ago, I sent them off via water/land way to France, you should receive it in a months time! Please watch out for the package! At least, I have completed this task that I had been thinking of all this time! I wish you all the best and all goes well!

Taiwan, I-Shou University, Lai Hui Ling

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