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Friday, 23 April 2010

film review: Mummuth, * *

Mummuth - film w Gérard Depardieu, Yolande Moreau, Isabelle Adjani. * *

Depardieu, Moreau, Adjani, all three v famous and gd actors now in a film a little film w little v little room to deploy their "play". Is it true? Can we express ourselves when the film storyline, the characters displayed are essentially very flat? Adjani plays a memory of Depardieus dead girlfriend, Yolande, plays a supermarket gal, some scenes are more meaty, Depardieu gets into a verbal fight w supermarket meat counter guy - real french everyday conversations the type of attack and pari - and Art Brut artist in the country side, a little crazy. Everything, all the tidbits added together does not a great film make.
Depardieu played this low intelligent man with a kind heart, who makes phone calls, several times, his words are "i am ok", second time "its me, i am ok" (because this man has no habit of talking; compared to his other role; the lover with the ugly long nose with words to woo - its really funny to see. But here, it is clear, if the script's character gives the actor only this much room, thats all he could say!!
Yolande also opportunity wasted. Why is her character so "sketchy"? Are all super market people devoid of emotional finesse? If yes, why did the director choose to show this? It would be a great challenge for a director to show a character which has little expression. There was a 2 second flashback just w voice, how Yolande's character met Depardieu character - why so stingy, let them show how they met!!!
Colossal waste of time and opportunities for everyone!!

We movie goers feel disappointed and cheated!!

Swannjiejie (April 23rd 2010)

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