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Saturday, 24 April 2010

Adoption of the HuaHui mobile House, certificate no.0001

Certificate of HuaHui MobileMusic Pixel no.0001

HuaHui MobileMusic House, 3345 cubes in real life aluminum skins.

Aluminum cube faces

Certificate of Adoption of a "HuaHui Dome" Pixel 3 cube block.

Adoption of the HuaHui MobileMusic Pixels :

There are in total 3345 Pixel-cubes for the HuaHui MobileMusic house.
Adoption for cubes are now offered effective immediately - any number, from one to the whole house - to interested people.

Each adoption of the cube will receive an A4 size color print of the house and a detail photo of the unique numbered cube.

Adoption of one cube will be 15euros.
Two cubes will be 30euros
Three cubes will be 45euros ...etc

Sample A4 size picture+certificate print out:

Enclosed is a certificate for the "HuaHui Dome" brick project, a similar certificate-picture will be made for the "HuaHui House" cube project)

All adoptions welcome, any number of cubes, all appreciated, all good.

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