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Monday, 22 September 2008

Owls Bay First Guqin gig, strange dream, bird shit, Aram Bartholl missing image tshirt,

Owls Bay Guqin Concert

Owls Bay Guqin Concert for Chinese Festival.

Aram Bartholl - made missing image t-shirt, and a lot of DIY projects, collage, sl high tech to real life old tech works. I really enjoyed finding his work.
Thats real Digital Fashion! Missing image t-shirt!


that i was in Beijing, there were 7 or 8 people, all sculptors, they were the people at symposium, and Beijing was in a state of re-construction, as such, we were waiting at a square for a bus and light snow was falling. Through the construction sites, as many old walls were removed. We could see the golden ancient door gates, columns very beautiful one layer after another. I said to friends that take a pic take a pic, next year when all the constructions are finished you will not see this anymore, everything will be covered up. They said oh yes yes, and began taking pictures. Some peoples cameras are tired - no battery - and i took out mine, which was fully charged but, i forgot to turn it off last picture and the battery is at zero. But i helped others take pics.

all this fuss, suddenly something fell from the sky and ended right on my lips. My lips were closed, it just somehow fell plop right on my lips... it was two grains like coffee bean, very bitter i spit out this stuff ... and turns out to be bird shit.

the whole lighting waS beautiful, it was lHeure bleue but early in the morning.

i woke up then.

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