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Tuesday, 2 September 2008

shanghai, chinatown (tv documentary series)

humongous housing estates, but the guards are so smiley and nice.
whats wonderful is that there are small shops just outside, this morning i walked by and heard the children marching to traditional chinese tunes... just like in Antonioni documentary. children all have their red triangular scarves... they tend to be slightly plump, overweight. My experience here of children around age 10 is truly monster like! Due to the grand parents. I have never seen any child so spoilt and rude. But the grand parent take it all with a smile.

i would not want to baby sit such a child.

otherwise, everything is convenient, and Shanghai has energy. All these designer clothes at all levels, simple local clothings and imports, all fashion conscious. Much more interesting than HK.

sl remains to be nostalgic for me. I see it as a good teaching platform, but the initial 6 months i spent here gives me much fond memories - just like real life. :)

films viewed

Chinatown **** (tv documentaries)

saw Chinatown the tv documentary series, sooooo gooood. Chinatowns in the world - everywhere from Nepal to Malaysia, to Russia, to NorthAmerica... some stories are truly heart wrenching.

Then i thought, am I not part of the films here? The fact that i go from place to place, am I a kind of perpetual immigrant? I encounter all the problems the immigrants face, from the angle of the parent to the children to whatver role the immigrants played... i can feel the complexities of their situation.

Much more interesting than fiction film. One of the best dvds i found recently.

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