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Saturday, 26 January 2008

tokyo rl + sl concert

Glad that I went to Tokyo. Now, I saw with my own eyes, what are avant-garde, experimental artists. Too bad I didnt have time to talk with the others too much, as i had to man my own machine and talk to visitors too.

It was rather inhaitual for me. It was a birthday party of a sort. Everyone was dancing, singing, free improvisation. They were cheerful people with long orange color hair, and dark sun glasses even inside the room. Bhutto type of dancing movements, screaming, noise guitar, and toy pianos, toy accordeons, all making up 3 hrs of a wall of sounds, they listened to each other...

i would have liked to know more. :)

I was in a separate little room, as guqin music is quiet, and i needed darkness for projection... so the two events were quite in one space... it is not mixable without changing the meaning of the guqin part. So, it happened and was done the best way possible. People were drinking and eating at the same time as the performance is going on, some free from yelling, singing... i have never participated at such an event.

Anyway it was intersting, fun, but more time was needed.

Here i upload three clips shot by Five, who came to the sl concert.
There were around 15 people on and off... the ambiance was right, quiet. People IM ed other people to come... :)

after i ran back home, i received another guest from sl in rl here in Paris.
So i met two people from sl in rl.

Whats the result? I had to do it.
Dont want to speak silliness closed in by sl anymore.

But strangely enough, some sl friends, even if i never meet them it doesnt change my relation to them. Others, the fact that when the occasion was possible but was not made used of... it rather puts an end to the relation... because... because, because... who knows why ?

And those who were able to move from sl to rl will be treasured all the more, because we had experienced a step thats rarely taken.

Now, next...

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