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Monday, 14 January 2008

14jan08 tokyo

So i am here, and i met a man on the plan who lived in Beijing 25 years ago, he was very talkative, retired w his wife, on a cheap tour to Greece for one week, i invited them to come to the concert... hahahah, it might not be their thing - noise guitar? ... however. He said he will bring some of his photos of china 25 years ago to show me.

Interesting meeting. He was head of a big insurance firm living at Peking hotel.

I arrived in Tokyo and staying in Ginza, in a nice hotel, not expensive! Full feature, with microwave and washer dryer! and a balconey.

Its located next to a fish market and the chic area of town with all the Hermes, chanel stores...on the wall of this hotel is a huge red fish! So i will not miss it!

Already, i enjoy it.

The plane was one hour late. As the plane landed, it shuddered and shock all the magazines flying down the isle! Hah!

The curator will show me some of his music stuff.

We went to the electric town, and checked out gadgets... :) the same as last time when i was here with Swannjie Jie, but this time, its less hectic. And i enjoy just looking around.

Today is a holiday, lots of people on the street, a lot of the women wore kimonos!
And tv teams on the street too interviewing people.

Its Dress up day, or New year festival?


I am glad i am here because, i made a decision and i carried it out, now see how far i could get.


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