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Sunday, 13 May 2018

Foxtrot **** Israeli filmmaker Samuel Maoz (Lebanon)


Foxtrot  **** 2018
Israeli filmmaker Samuel Maoz (Lebanon)

Very very beautiful delicate rich film.
Profound and everything visually correct and sensitive.
The soldier dancing foxtrot w his gun is so good. 

The dancing; the longing of a warm body in a tight dance; his machine gun.  In this dirty dusty dromadaire strolling country.

(In fact, just looking at the trailer I thought there would be many sequences of dancing  - it is the dancing that attracted me to see the film.)

The architects home is so correct; everything details decors nothing out of place
The kitchen where the depressed wife made a cake; kitchen is in dishevel; they finally could resolve something so deep and unspoken.  We see the wife finally smiles dances w the anger strickened but defeated husband - successful architect.  He says; there is a dance; left left; right right; left left turn you are back at square one.  The dance takes you no where.  It just reminds him of this... as he reminisced all the things that has happened.

Then the wife consoles him; they dance a bit together in the kitchen.  She has this elegant Italian Missoni like dress - for an everyday dress - just as a well to do successful wife would wear.

No elaborate makeup on faces; almost nude faces; these are real people.

Everything works in a poetic; oneirique style.  There is tension; and fluid passages; everything works at multiple levels.

Very beautiful.  Music is v gd.

The Foxtrot; sexy foxy foxtrot.

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