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Tuesday, 9 May 2017

PLA shelf life, and PLA parts life, biodegradable @ 60°C + sustained 6 days!topic/makerbot/RNS1HOcY31E

How long do your PLA parts last?

Actually, it looks like 140°F for six days. 

I did a quick search... 
PLA is a bioplastic made from starch; specifically it is being manufactured from starches derived from genetically modified corn (GMO food). This technology and supporting organizations such as BPI (Biodegradable Products Institute) claim that PLA biodegrades. However, this claim is confusing because they are using the term “biodegradable” extremely loosely. PLA is a “compostable plastic” in that it goes through “degradation” to break down and is therefore not true “biodegradation”. PLA does not break down or biodegrade in a landfill and will only begin to “degrade” after being exposed to heat (specifically 60° C over a five day period). This kind of environment can only be found in a commercial composting facility, NOT in the domestic composter in your garden. We find that many of the articles and organizations who support PLA are greatly contributing to the confusion by not using correct standards based definitions of that technology. Once PLA composts the remnant is CO2 and because professional composting facilities are not currently capturing the gas it is usually released into the atmosphere. 
PLA and things they don't always tell you 

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