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Tuesday, 13 December 2016

Swannjie visits Miranor Kraus building shop

Swannjie visits Miranor Kraus building shop

Haven't been to sl for a long time, today I visited again because I heard that sl was getting 22million investment for... ?  
So I popped in and saw Miranor Kraus online, she said, all her sl friends are gone.  She is lonely.  
Most of my sl friends are also gone.  Some, gone because in real life they are gone.  Others have lost interest.  And I, always feels a nostalgic memory of the nice people, soft souls that I have met and became good friends with.  But I no longer spend much time there, it seems all the good sims have come and gone.  Dont know whats the new.  In fact, I dont really appreciate the "realistic" avatars.  I like the little bit rough and oddly wooden old avatars.  :)

Anyway so I changed my hair, into Simon Pink by Little Heaven.  Little Heaven a shop by Chico Duell seem to have closed in 2010!!  6 years ago!  Such a strange Halloween gothic Lolita style shop with a lot of inventive hair.  No more.  Not on sl market place shop either.

However, I read that Linden Lab has revived a sim created by a Danish creator.  LL did not buy the rights to the sim, they just revived it.  I think they should pay for it.  If its good enough to be revived as a historic piece then, they are admitting its worthy artistically and good for LL, they should at least pay for it.  Its a lot of work to build a sim.  Every detail is lovingly put together.  I dont agree with profit making companies not paying artists.  In real life and also in virual world - virtual world is created by real life people using real life time.  It is unacceptable to use the IP of any creator.

Here is a memory of todays visit.  Miranor Kraus a wonderful Japanese builder, consistently she/he has made many traditional buildings after accurate plans of real life historic sites and temples.

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Anonymous said...

平等院鳳凰堂も、もう直ぐできるから、見に来てくださいね〜v(≧∇≦)v イェェ~イ♪
Since Byodoin Phoenix Hall can also be done soon, please come to see ~ v (≧ ∇ ≦) v Ye ~ ♪ ♪

I did BM! Thank you^^/

Miranor Kraus