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Friday, 6 May 2016

Chaumont sur Loire, 2016; a new Chinese Garden Installation

Chaumont sur Loire, Garden Festival 2016 : 
"Theme: Gardens of the Future"  4May to 2Nov2016

There are two works which I find very interesting, due to my own research area in art and architecture.
1// "Chinese Garden" by Museum of Chinese Garden
2// "Garden of Lingering Clouds" by Shu Wang - Architect

The Chinese Garden is very nice and Shu Wangs work is an artistic construction of a semi dome like shape which covers a body of water.  Last year when I visited the greenery has not yet grown over the structure and this year, it is nicely covered, great presence and a sense of protection and introspection.

1// "Chinese Garden" by Museum of Chinese Garden

Garden created by Museum of Chinese Garden of Beijing. There are small sections somewhat like larger land size bonsai, very beautiful plants. I could see that its made by professional gardening landscaping experts. The willow woven mountain like back drops and small stone set in an abstract mountain+water shape. Very beautiful red maple. However, it is not particularly special. Very competant.

There are many beautiful Chinese gardens which is really an art and architecture work altogether, here we seem to see a small patch of installation work by very competant experts.

I talked to the delegation from China on site and they told me that there is a museum of Chinese Garden in Beijing.
Since I have done extensive research on Chinese Gardens for my pre-doc thesis, and have visited many in real life, including a museum piece - a reproduction of WangXiYuan - in NYCity.  I would very much like to see whats in this museum.

So I look forward to visiting the museum on my next trip.

2// "Garden of Lingering Clouds" by Shu Wang - Architect

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