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Tuesday, 13 October 2015

好奇藝術 Kunstkammer 60 : Poetry: "Slow Mountain Train" by Roger Greenwald

好奇藝術 Kunstkammer 60 :  Poetry:  "Slow Mountain Train", book of poems by Roger Greenwald

Poetry opens up a timeless space.  
And I would have been gently taken into an airy private free zone.  
Books, pictures, films, poetry, sculptures, gardens, music, fashion, food, people, having tea with someone, a sun filled corner with a sofa, and so many endless sources of visual audio sensual streams coming slowly and suddenly : poetry is here.

On : "A Thing You're Saying"
The poem speaks of a situation where we are protected by a special magic shield, the shield of a foreign language.  A foreign language is not something that you could translate word for word, it is a total world in itself.  It is a punctual instant subtle privacy part of another system, another world.
All because of our capacity to speak another language.

Delicately, its not hiding, a foreign language is a glossy shield, we could see out and others could not see in.
You can be as open and direct as you choose, the protective shield would always be there.
Even the most private moments, in the closest physical space, the words and its worlds are delicately shielded.

In a loud and public place, in the privacy of your home with social and intimate friends, you are magically shielded.
And you are in your poetic precious quiet space, where you could be looking out and no one could look in, they cannot catch this part of you.

By Shuengit Natasha Chow



A Thing You're Saying

When you speak another language you can say  

        exactly what you feel   

in the middle of a subway car   你可以在地鐵裏講

and no one will understand you.  

When you speak another language  

no one will understand one word.  

You can stand in your living room  

and speak and no one understands.  

You could gather your friends around you  

        at the table     

        and lift your glass      

        and say whatever you wanted     

        and they wouldn't understand a word.     

You could tell them word for word    你可以一個字一個字地解說

       what your truelove said once    你心上人以前說過的

       in your bedroom     在你的睡房

       while you were kissing     當你在親吻

       her stomach.     她的肚子

And they wouldn't understand one word.   而他們會一個字都聽不懂

You can talk out loud at four in the morning   你可以四點早辰大聲講

       lying alone in bed       獨自睡在床上

       on your back       臥着

and the downstairs neighbor will hear you  樓下的鄰居會聽到你

       but won't understand       但會不懂   

a thing you're saying.         一點都聽不懂

Poetry:  "Slow Mountain Train", book of poems by Roger Greenwald

(Tiger Bark Press, 2015). 

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