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Monday, 15 June 2015

Sunday Robot "Playtime"; Lorenzweiler, Luxembourg 2015


Sunday Robot: Playtime, Lorenzweiler, Luxembourg 2015

Sunday Robot: Playtime:: Robots are mainly created for work, to lighten humans physical labour, intellectual labour; this one - the Sunday Robot is created for play. It lightens our mind, provides equilibrium to daily lives. Its born to play.

First wood sculpture symposium, first time using a chainsaw - very nice feeling of cutting, massive reduction technique.  Some wood cutting tools. 

Tools used: Carving bar chainsaw, regular chainsaw, forged iron wood cut tools. 

work in progress : photos by Alice Steyer-Fonck

What about safety wear for chainsaw work?
Here, with protective glasses, hat, steel toe workboots, leather apron, leather pants,
sound protection

big picture

without glasses
big picture

 big picture

big picture


Malou takes us for a beer next to a nice river in the city center.

 This is the view of a retirement home - private labyrinth garden!

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