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Tuesday, 21 October 2014

3d printing of xyz Qin - mini version HunHunDunDun 混混沌沌

Secondlife Virtual World to Real Life Project

Using Singularity viewer, I am able to export objects created in sl as .obj file, then print it out in physcial world.

Testing of the 3d printing at FacLab, University of Cergy Pontoise, France 

3d printing of xyz Qin - mini version

Will test print with a mini version first using probably translucide filament or wood filament.

The style of the mini Qin will be HunDun 混沌 - the HunDun Qin.  

HunDun is a round head and round tail design.  I prefer a square head and semi round tail.

So what to do?
I will give it another name.


There is a Straight edged streamlined version, and it is officially called Zheng He 正和 style, so what?

See sample here:


I prefer the name HunDun, but not the rounded shape, so,
Mine will be straight edged.
Straight forward no decoration, shape streamlined; I will keep the name. 

I will still call mine -  HunDun 混沌.
The Mini HunDun  until further notice. 

Mini HunDun =

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