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Friday, 1 August 2014

Swannjie's new work: 3 string sanxian, 6 string amplified acoustic guitar (Cigar Box Guitar); master qin maker 單志淵, mini qin 陳長林

Swannjie 周旋捷 designed and made a New 6 string guitar (Cigar Box Guitar); and a three string sanxian. 
With expertise consultant: Music Instrument Maker Master Shan Zhi Yuan  單志淵 of Tsinchu, Taiwan.

Detail of Head:


Inside the Library of National Tainan University of the Arts, Taiwan


Photos of the Cigar Box Guitar in play:

Shuen-git Chow/ Swannjie's Musical Instrument making history:

2003-2006 Half Hundun Guqin 半混沌
2006 Large Handscroll Guqin 大手卷
2013 xyzQin #1 ( 花魁 1)  Shan wood (silk string by...)
2014 xyzQin #2 ( 花魁 2)  Wu Tong wood 
                       (metal string - by Shanghai Conservatory of Music)
3d printing of xyzQin #3 ( 花魁 3)  (ongoing)
2014 3 string acoustic sanxian with amplifier - Cigar Box Guitar variation
2014 6 string acoustic guitar with amplifier - Cigar Box Guitar 

 Inside of xyz#2 in TongMu.  The inside has been carved with various depth specific to the string thickness.

Top photo:
Half HunDun 2003-2006, 
 xyz#1 2013, 
xyz#2 2014 by Shuen-git Chow
bottom photo::  
Large Handscroll 2003-2006, by Shuen-git Chow

Tiny Qin below:
 tiny practice qin by Chen ChangLin; 

The beginning of this qin making, qin research activity was sparked by seeing a tiny practice qin made by Computer Scientist + Guqin Musician, Prof Chen Changlin 陳長林 in Beijing.  2000 

Chen Chang Lin's 陳長林 tiny travelling qin for practicing purpose

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