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Friday, 4 April 2014

scientific proof , no planes 9 11? Errol Morris
No plane, all films doctored? 

Is this true?
I watched the Kennedy missing frame from the famous film, and its clear as day.  There was a shot which came from the front.
Original Zapruder documentary film w computer extrapolation and stabilised added frames by antdavisonNZ


Erol Morris's film on Kennedy Mystery.

Erol Morris made a film "Unknown, known" - and a short film on the Kennedy mystery issue for New York Times - a long time ago.  His visuals are as usual so crisp and beautiful.  The analysis which is the jewel of his films are kind of hidden i think, or maybe with a subtle twist - i must watch it again if he has hidden them for special reasons.

I think the original film was handed to Life magazine, and eventually it was shown on tv without the cut presented by a talk show host.  It is a very intelligent way to handle a hot potato for the film maker.  Let the public, let the media groups  decide how much they should see, if they could see and everybody share the responsibility of knowing.  Its a kind of network of diffusion.  The film maker does not want to be the next target - as it changes nothing and serves no purpose.  The big picture is already set.

I saw the film on a plane - the Parkland

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