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Thursday, 16 May 2013

2007 Swannjie Postal Service Open again! 2007-ongoing; postcard, unbirthday card, greeting cards

Swannjie Postal Service 

 Swannjie's postal service has been an art work started in 2007, when I was very curious about the world between real life and virtual world life.
As a small virtual world to real world event, I set up a small service.  A postal service.  

For a small sum a handmade postcard made by me will be sent to any address as per instruction from Secondlife avatars to Real World people.  

Maybe 7 real life cards were sent, most people were afraid of mixing up real life and Virtual World life.

The poster was created by a friend from Holland met through Secondlife.
Through the advertising, the making of items, e-commerce and conversion of small amounts of money into real life money, it was a miniature world thats quite fascinating.
We learn a lot through simulation.

I think the virtual world has a lot to offer in our everyday lives.

Below was the original entry in 2007 at the blog.

Later, the same postal service was used to collect Huakui Cubes (2009) from contributors around the world.


Open again!  2007-ongoing

Swannjie Postal Service is open once again! 2007-ongoing

"Your Love is One Card Away!" sent from around the world; 

from Virtual World to the Real World

price: 1000 lindens per post card/unbirthday card, or $5us / card, including postage
personal message: I will hand write a personal message of your choice on the card.

delivery:  card will be sent snail mail through real life postal office from around the world depending on the location at time of purchase.

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