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Saturday, 19 January 2013

sl vs OpenSim

Swannjie commented:

sl has been a very interesting creative platform for me, as an online real time social network creativity platform. The real time aspect of it is its strength which comes with a very expensive cost - and that is, time. For important exchanges, an email is a much more effective tool. For shared good memories sl holds a special niche in that we do see 3D objects as if we were visiting in real life. For most people, the graphic rendering is not good enough when compared to real life; if people were to speak real time, then they go into real life! A pale version of real life at the same cost - time - is too expensive for people to "play". sl is more interesting than OpenSim because of the people. OpenSim doesn't have enough people traffic for it to be interesting. A lot of the artistic sims have disappeared over time, which makes "the world" seem like a visitable "movie" and not a place that could be revisited. Above all, its because it takes too much time for too little continuity, and if people bothered to learn about the sl ways, how could it be applied/re-used in real life? Etc etc. Lastly, health wise, its very bad for people to be sitting in front of a computer all day if they actually took vw life seriously. How could sl be healthier for the physical body?

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