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Wednesday, 18 July 2012

The Virgin Spring, Just Before Night Falls, I don't want to sleep alone

Three very stylized movies

The Virgin Spring,*** 
B/W film, Ingmar Bergman, stark, v strange logic of the behavior of the characters.  But the movie is based on a poem so, we must take it as a metaphor and not a logical story.  Lots of tension, silence and unreasonable turns of events.  The actors are all v good.

Just Before Night Falls, **half
Claude Chabrol, about psychologically complicated man who accidentally kills his lover - whom he doesn't really enjoy being with after all because they were playing these bdsm games.  So in the end his wife kills him as he threatens to upset everybody else's well being for the sake of his own peace of mind. Very egoist.  He deserved to die.  :)  I like the 70s style of the interior, and the clean proper no nonsense of the film.  Contemporary from 70s.  Male character looks like a baby.
A very stylized movie, clinical almost in the way the characters are so lucid about how things are happening.

I don't want to sleep alone ***
Tsai Ming Liang's love story set in Kuala Lumpur.  The care taking of an immigrant worker towards a homeless young guy is very touching.  Some overt hand sex and passion and suffering of human kind, lost, lost love etc.  All without much dialogue accompanied with nostalgic retro Chinese pop songs.  We see love hunger in this movie.  People need to be touched, caressed... you could almost smell the stench from tight quarters, washing a found mattress from the street, sick man who needs to be massaged everywhere - people finding each other in half finished construction sites with lots of dirty water.  They grope each other frantically without talking - like animals.

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