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Sunday, 24 June 2012

Man in Black 3 ***half, Bob Marly***, Moonrise Kingdom***

Man in Black 3 ***half
Very stylized retro decor with many nice details, story is face paced, also w v gd interlocking details.  Beautiful, entertaining, gd comic book in film.  Intricate in every way.  Great entertainment.

Bob Marly***
Very moving documentary.  A great man worthy of a sincere film - I just don't understand why the great often die young.  Why must he get cancer from everywhere ?  36 is too young.  What energy what a human being.  I like all the people in the movie, they tell it with their own truths.

Moonrise Kingdom***
Movie is set in the 60s - normally in this époque, boy scouts, parents who are lawyers in big houses - are all portrayed in very nice, ideal family life type of context with some adventure and feel good type of stories.  But as usual, Wes Andersons stories are set in such a comfy context but things are not altogether turning right.  Everyone has some kind of flaw, the boy scouts are mean conservative nasty kids - as kids go, yes, teenagers are nasty peer oriented.  And the do good social service person is really doing very bad - worst thing can happen to a child is to be put into such an orphanage.  The lawyers are  normal couples with tired burnt out father and a mother with a need for an affair... everybody needs love.  We don't know why the daughter is so strange, but we know the boy suffered from being orphan and in foster homes etc.  Adults are not perfect, they fail in many ways - and could be tough and mean - all the while being courteous.  Doors could be closed in a second without any second thought.  Human kindness only goes so far.
I like the complexity of the film and the colors and characters - and the fresh angles to the American live styles from this period of North American history.

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