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Friday, 28 January 2011

Burlesque, Le Filmeur

Burlesque, **
A show for Christina Aquillera and Cher. Lots of nudity with hiddened strategic spots, story line is v thin, every scene is used as a carry on to the next number. Not much "acting" as such. Singing is good though. Editing seems v fast and I would have liked to see up close some of the costumes etc. This movie is similar to Chicago and Moulin Rouge, big song and dance numbers; even without the problem of a flimsy story line, there simply is no time for us to look at the details.

Le Filmeur,
Alain Cavaliers 10 yr long video diary ** and a short film by Prisoners **
Alain Cavaliers video diary is intimiste, lots of narrations. Without the narrations its much less poetic as visually there is not much readable actions. The Prisoners images are v powerful and sound track enhances the various images. For example there was a scene with snow and wind/noise/screaming howling sound track. The viewers commented that the sound track was v powerful + windy snow storm showing the intention etc; but the workshop teacher replied that it was random footage that they shot and decided to add to the film. So often, diary filming could be like collage - you find things and make it work. Not necessarily scripted. Its our intention that makes the work happen. Another teacher told me that the most un-exciting students are the ones in design because their focus is always on "does it look good?" without a strong story, simply shooting for looking good is often not enough.

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