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Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Science Sim, Carry one more kg, An Zhu

Science Sim

The ScienceSim grid is hosted by IEEE/ACM.
Grid administration is handled by Intel Labs.
Management oversight is provided by Fashion Research Institute.

Carry one more kg - a micro project organised by An Zhu - when hiking in China, this group of young people carry one more kg as gifts to local villages. The one kg may be books, pencils, erasers that kind of things.

微公益 micro grass root projects : carry one kilogram more. By An Zhu = peaceful pig :) actually his name is Andrew but v gd Chinese name! He presented his project at Ullens Foundation in Beijing.

How you could change the world by organising multiple small efforts - and they could be very effective often more than one big effort from one source.

I like the idea of collecting small drops to make one unlimited ongoing pool.

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