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Thursday, 2 July 2009

life drawing classes

Such a pleasure to see Life Drawing classes promoted in an accessible way.

I taught life drawing for 4 years at a University and am very happy to see the students discovered that they could draw.

Life drawing is the basis of visual art : observation, color, movement, proportion, form, feelings; also if the drawer is very engaged in their activity they could simulate the physical weight and responses of the pose of the model; at the very minimal level, its a test of courage and freedom. Some students were afraid to put down "a wrong stroke". And as the drawing progresses, often the picture loses the freshness, the challenge would then be, how do you resussitate a fading, losing breath picture? You would have to re-consolidate the overall scheme of things and re-map the important structures over the old; a "renovation" of the existing state of things.

In the 80s it was popular to say "I dont know how to draw" its the "idea and concept" that counts. Just like writing, people think they could do "automatic writing" without learning the basis of writing itself.

And here we are, once again, Life Drawing, and Good Writing.

Take a look at Secondlife, which SIMs are more interesting than others?
The high quality SIMs are much more memorable than the "idea" sim without skills.
In a high quality SIM, the textures, colors, proportions, spaces, sound, all combine to make a memorable experience.
Without foundations of color, proportion, movements where would we be?

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