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Sunday, 31 May 2009

Drawing, Sweet potato, Aquito Myoo's bridge


I discussed drawing with a long lost friend, after 15 years, miracle, she contacted me through google! another friend re-linked! It was beautiful to discuss drawing with someone who really enjoys and practices it! I told her about sl, she listened with amazement but she understood everything immediately and was able to conceptualise the benefits and limits - far more than anyone else that I was showing sl to. Maybe I will set up a drawing gallery in DGM.

Sweet potatosrl

I started some purple potato slips, just to make sure that i am doing it right, I checked and googled! There is a professional way to go about it! Here is the secret...

simpler garden, growing from 2 potatoes for example here.

Aquito Myoosl+rl

AM will make a cube, I wait with great expectation. :)
And I saw a bridge he made at Hanakos land, the coming of another high quality sim i think. :)


Snakekiss came to visit my house, she will send a cube and tell friends about it. :)

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