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Thursday, 30 October 2008

Mesrine, W

Mesrine 3* Vincent Cassel

Very interesting actor, sexy, cruel, and gentle at the same time. Violent, we dont always feel negative towards this Mesrine character, but I feel very sorry for the characters wife. No one deserves this mad man - and as for the girlfriend role played by de France. She also looked and behaves in character. Just seems so point less to be in the outlaw world. Mesrine is probably mad from birth. This is what the movie seem to say.

W 1* about GW Bush

a movie i really wanted to see to understand the W Bush phenomenon, but i fell asleep after 5 minutes and woke up near the end. Came home and continued on my computer for a few hours. W, the movie, puts me to sleep.


Lord Lisle said...

EVER seen any of Jacques Tati movies?
I particularly like Les Vacances De Monseur Hulot, Tour te Fete, and Mon Oncle


sl Swann bb said...

hi, LL, yes my favorite is Playtime, I have most of his films - very stylised and wordless comedy - superb. Good music too.